About Adam Roache


Adam Roache opened Life Enhancing Chiropractic  about 12 years ago with a purpose of offering the highest level of chiropractic care to his community, giving an opportunity  to find ways to improve health naturally to all his clients.

Adam has a family minded approach working with all age groups in his practice.

Adam has a strong passion and belief in chiropractic.  His learning started when  he was taken to a chiropractor at the age of 15 by his father. Adam would sit in his chiropractors office to learn about x-rays, reading chiropractic textbooks and learning the philosophy of chiropractic.

Dr Adam Roache (Chiropractor) is constantly updating his skills, techniques, knowledge base and research to become an excellent practitioner. He regularly attends seminars around the country with a thirst for learning and information. His passion is  to have a better understand  of the spine and human body to allow his clients the best of care through chiropractic.

He uses a number of specific chiropractic techniques. These include:



Drop Piece Technique