Strong Immunity

Strong Immunity

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Can you afford to be sick this winter? Strengthen your immune system by introducing Zinc, Andrographis and Astragalus to you and the whole family.

Zinc can be used to reduce the severity of colds and upper respiratory tract infections and helps to support a healthy immune system. Zinc performs a variety of important functions, including strengthening the immune system, protecting cell membranes against free radicals, preventing cell structural damage and repairing damaged DNA. Some conditions associated with Zinc deficiency are; Poor wound healing, allergies, Minor respiratory infections (cold and flu), impaired immune resistance, excessive stress, delayed development, dry rough and unhealthy skin, poor appetite and sense of taste and smell, bleeding and inflamed gums and gingival tissues, male reproductive difficulties just In addition, Zinc supports normal growth during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence and helps to protect against macular degeneration, a cause of blindness in adults over the age of 60. Zinc can even help boost libido. Zinc may also be effective in treating such conditions as acne, eczema and anorexia nervosa and for those suffering from trauma after surgery. We here at Life Enhancing Chiropractic can perform a simple test to determine your Zinc levels. Please ask one of our friendly staff for assistance.

Astragalus is used in traditional Chinese medicine for many different symptoms and purposes. One of the key uses for Astragalus is to improve immune function, and assist digestion Astragalus could help relieve hay fever and other allergic conditions. Astragalus is used in our kid’s supplements and is safe and very effective.

Andrographis is used to assist symptoms of cold and flu, and also with the prevention. Andrographis has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effects on the body.

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