Five Practical Ways to Enjoy Life More Fully

Five Practical Ways to Enjoy Life More Fully
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Every so often it is great to take time out to reflect on what is working in your life, and what isn’t. As busy people, we tend to get caught up in the daily grind. We also get stuck with thoughts and behavioural patterns that can hold us back from reaching our fullest potential. We may even find ourselves striving for goals that no longer serve our needs and desires.

Slow down a moment. Breathe in, breath out – repeat.

Now read our Five Practical Ways to enjoy life more fully. Take them in, ‘cos they are gold.


1. Get aligned.

Just as you can develop bad habits over time, as does your posture. Are you craning your neck forward right now, reading this article? Shoulders hunched?

Do you often have bub on one hip, a heavy handbag on the other shoulder?

Does your job require you to constantly bend a certain way, lift heavy objects or sit all day?

Many people unfortunately have experienced the back pain, spasms and headaches that  may result from poor posture, as  a chiropractors we can check  if  this  postural imbalance may affects your  spinal alignment.


2. Detoxify.

Optimising your body’s resistance to the toxic burden imposed by modern daily life is a must if you want to experience wellness. Do you suffer chronic health complaints Digestive issues? Inflammatory conditions? Hormones out of whack? Low energy or just feeling not quite right? We can provide quality practitioner-only nutritional detoxification support to get you back on track to good health. There are two week, four week and six week programs to suite your needs – and there is no fasting involved. Get in touch with our office to find out more today.


3. Disconnect.

Look up from your smartphone, shut down your display and get involved in real life. It’s all too easy to find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your newsfeed as 10, 20, 40 minutes tick on by. Or to be pulled from a moment because you have to answer the call, reply to the text or email 4, 8, 16 times per day. Be in control of your digital habits and make sure they are enhancing your life, not detracting from it.

If this fast-paced digital world is getting the better of you, cool your mind by leaving your phone at home every now and then. Go and visit your friends, see their expressions as they share their news – it’s so much more fulfilling than finding it out from their facebook page. Print an article of interest from the web, find a sunny spot outside, read it. Write a letter, send it in the post – the recipient will get a real kick out of it. Read a book, the kind you can smell and feel. A real book is kinder on the eyes, especially before bed – the light from your device will disrupt your sleep quality.


4. Move your body.

Sometimes you have to do something energetic to create more energy. No one ever regrets being active and everyone wants to feel fit, strong and alive. So why is it so difficult to get motivated? Well, start by getting honest with yourself. Do you hate the gym, feel uncomfortable there, out of place, bored? Find a beautiful location in the great outdoors where you can walk, run, stretch! Too cold to get moving? Try hot yoga! Hate exercising alone? Meet up with a friend, walk your dog – borrow someone else’s dog, walk with your babe in a stroller. Find the exercise routine that fits with your individuality, and do it to nourish not punish.


5. Make feeling good the priority.

Get clear on how you want to feel, and do more of what makes you feel that way. This might mean gracefully declining the party invitation, instead having a quiet night in so you can feel peaceful. It might mean taking a drive down a road you’ve never driven before, so you can feel adventurous. It might mean choosing the quinoa salad from the menu, instead of the burger, so you can feel healthy and nourished. Knowing how you want to feel means that you will make choices and set goals with your own needs in mind, and you will be much more satisfied with the outcomes.




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