What Can A Multivitamin Do For My family?

What Can A Multivitamin Do For My family?
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The bad news first..

Living in this modern world, it is important for us to acknowledge that although there are things we can do to reduce our exposure to toxins; it is near impossible to avoid them completely. We are exposed through our water supply, our food supply, the air we breathe, and our household cleaning products just to name a few.

Many of our diets are not as nutrient dense as they should be, partly due to the processing of foods that strips them bare of nutritional value and the rest due to the depletion of minerals in the soil that bares our food sources.


But wait, there is some good news!

Our bodies have an incredible ability to deal with the challenges of exogenous stressors, such as toxins, and it is within our power to give our bodies a fighting chance to rise to these challenges.

Your body is vastly intelligent; it knows exactly what to do. Every second of every day, without you having to even think about it, your body is quenching free radicals, metabolising and expelling toxins, devouring microbes.


Your body needs all the right ‘bits’ to come out on top!

And by ‘bits’ I mean the nutrients that are required run these processes, to keep you well day in and day out. That is where a quality, practitioner grade multivitamin comes in. Our multivitamin range offers a high therapeutic level of nutrients with enhanced bioavailability for increased uptake.

This month, give a multivitamin a try for the whole family. At Life Enhancing Chiropractic we have specific formulations for the needs of men, women and children.


Women’s Multi

With antioxidant support

Support healthy hormone metabolism

Contains broccoli sprouts


Men’s Multi

With plant sterols and zinc for male health

No added Copper

Provides 3.6 g of milk thistle to assist with liver health


Age Care Multi

Help protect DNA against free radical damage

Additional cognitive support


Kids Multi

Contains therapeutic levels of micronutrients

May support healthy development, immunity and general wellbeing

Great tasting orange flavoured powder for versatile dosing

Free from dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts, soy proteins, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


A healthy nerve system is key to orchestrating these detoxification and repair processes.

Your nerve system controls and coordinates all the cells, organs and tissues of the body and adapts to your environment. The physical, chemical and emotional stressors that your body is constantly adapting to can cause interference of this intricate nerve system. Chiropractic care is the physical means of correcting misalignment or malfunction of the spine, allowing your body’s vast intelligence to run its detoxification and repair processes unimpeded.


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